The entire universe is composed of tiny charged particles of positive and negative energy all at various stages of transformation. This energy is called bioelectromagnetic energy but has been known for centuries by names such as chi or prana.

Scientists accept that the human body generates electricity. Our body is a complex system of energies and every cell, tissue, muscle and organ vibrates to its own particular frequency. Vital lifeforce energies flow through the meridians and chakras and emanate from the body in what we know as the aura. A person’s aura is as unique to them as their DNA.

We are constantly in energetic communication with everyone and everything around us transmitting and receiving energy messages to and from other people’s energy fields.

Our life’s experiences carry an emotional energy: traumatic experiences and memories, patterns of belief, attitudes and prejudices, our past and present relationships. All these things, positive and negative, are energy experiences that become encoded into our biological systems affecting us on a cellular level. We can all experience negative feelings but when these become dominant it can lead to physical symptoms. When we become ill the cells begin to emit a disharmonious frequency which changes the quality of our aura.

Good energy is vital to our health and well being. When our energy system is in balance we have health and vitality, feel positive and have a purpose in life. Problems begin when the frequency is disrupted causing imbalances to the flow of these energies. When this happens we might feel out of sorts, tired and unmotivated, life suddenly starts to feel a bit like hard work. If this state continues we may start to feel depressed, begin to experience physical symptoms.

Energetic Therapies (sometimes called vibrational medicine or energy healing) helps to retune the vibration and bring the body back into harmony. Sometimes just the touch of someone’s hand in the right place is enough to trigger the body’s self healing abilities. Such is the power of touch! Together with intent, it is a powerful healing tool.

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