Each confidential treatment session is specifically tailored to your individual energy needs.

Although the therapies are listed separately for a better understanding of each discipline, your treatment may include one or more of the therapies as appropriate. Lifestyle, diet and exercise advice may also be given as part of your treatment.

The treatments are perfectly safe and non-intrusive. Simply put energy is merely being transferred around the body to smooth out irregularities or channelled into the body to balance its vibration. No two people’s energy is alike and therefore no two treatments are alike and any successive sessions will be different as the client’s energy state changes.

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Before your treatment we have a preliminary chat and a case history is taken to establish your constitution and energy requirements.

Your treatment takes place fully clothed on a comfortable futon at floor level, or, if you are unable to get down onto the floor then it can be done on a couch. Some neck and shoulder treatments may be done on a stool.

After establishing an energy connection a number of techniques are used depending on the client’s needs and energetic state. These include touch, pressure, stretching and rocking, to stimulate or sedate and to bring the body’s energy back into harmony. It is a relaxing and yet invigorating treatment for the mind and the body. It eases aches, pains and stiffness, improves breathing, circulation and lymphatic flow and promotes the body’s self-healing abilities.

Generally the full body is worked on, not just where there might be a problem, in order to relax and rebalance the client and bring them back in connection with their body. Where an acute problem is localised, for example a back problem, your treatment may be focused on selected meridians, points and sometimes chakras.

You may experience many things throughout your session. A deepening relaxation and lightness, sensations of heat or cold, sometimes surfacing thoughts and emotions. This is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. These are just symptoms of the body’s attempt to balance itself and are experienced differently by every client depending on the nature and location of the imbalances and individual constitution.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes and socks made from natural fibres such as cotton or linen.

Remove all jewellery and watches.

Don’t eat a heavy meal within a couple of hours of your treatment; a light snack about an hour before ensures you are neither hungry or full.

Avoid rushing back to work or making important appointments after your session. Try and make the rest of the day a relaxing one.

Drink plenty of fresh spring water to help your body detox. Avoid drinking alcohol on the day of treatment

Some people can experience various symptoms following treatment as toxins release. These can range from slight physical discomforts such as tiredness, headaches and stiffness to emotional releases as forgotten emotions and memories resurface. This is perfectly natural and a positive reaction. It is important not to suppress these feelings in order for healing to take place. Rest, drink plenty of water and it will soon pass. Some people feel instantly better, others may take a couple of days to feel the full benefits. Everybody’s experience is different.

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