Therapeutically flower remedies work on our mental and emotional levels to relieve negative states of mind that are detrimental to health and well-being.

Like everything in the universe flowers, shrubs and trees have their own energetic lifeforce. They have always been used for healing purposes. Whereas herbal medicine uses the plant itself and aromatherapy the oils, flower remedies use the subtle vibrational frequency of the flowers. This is extracted by placing a glass bowl of water containing petals in the sun for several hours. This impregnates the water with the unique healing energy of the flower. This is always done at the plants peak time just before the petals fall. A boiling method is also used for remedies containing the vibration of trees and shrubs. This method of harnessing a plants energetic pattern is believed to originate from the Native Americans.

Each flower remedy’s unique vibrational blueprint corresponds with the frequencies contained within our aura, the energy field which surrounds the human body. When this subtle energy is out of balance we begin to experience negative mental and emotional states destructive to our peace of mind. Simply put, flower remedies replace this healthy frequency to naturally rebalance these disturbances.

Although flower remedies do not have a direct affect on physical symptoms the negative thought patterns and emotions that cause a disruption to our energy field and chakras, which in time affects our immune system, eventually impacts on our health. Our vitality becomes depleted leading to a vicious circle which makes us more vulnerable to illness the longer the imbalance continues.

These remedies can be used internally in drops, or topically on acupuncture points, and act as stimulus to kick-start the body’s self healing abilities. They are entirely safe to use and cause no aggravation, restoring balance and harmony to the mind and emotions. Once we become in tune with the remedies and how they affect us it is possible to quickly change any state of emotion that may arrive in everyday life, and well as clearing past traumas and negative mind-sets.

Cost: £25 (45mins) - includes remedy

For further information & bookings, call 07845 945041.

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