Bioenergy Healing is a holistic treatment that works on the body’s subtle energy system to restore health, harmony and vitality.

We are all energy beings surrounded by an electromagnetic field known as the aura. Anything that has an atomic structure has an aura and it is as unique to us as our DNA. All emotions, thoughts, memories and behaviour patterns are located in the aura. Its colours, quality and brightness reflect the state of our health.

The layers of the aura are made up of our chakras, the body’s vital energy centres. There are seven major chakras that resemble vortices of energy situated from the base of the spine to the top of the head and correspond to the frequencies of the colour spectrum. They act like transmitters and receivers of energy and need to be fully open and spinning in order for the body to take in energy to nourish the cells and organs. There are also many minor chakras throughout the body and these are known as acupuncture/acupressure points.

Chakras are considered to be emotional and spiritual energy processors and behave almost like a computer hard drive, storing all our positive and negative experiences and memories. It is impossible to ignore how our thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, outlook and emotions affect chakra function resulting in physiological changes which have a strong effect on our body.

When our chakras become blocked, sluggish and out of balance it directly affects the area of the body they influence and the emotions attached to that chakra. When this subtle flow is disturbed the change of energy vibration can eventually lead to the development of illness in the body.

Bioenergy uses hands-on and –off the body techniques to channel healing into the client to rebalance their chakras, clear negativity from the aura and restore a healthier vibration. This directly affects all levels of our being – mind, body and spirit. It is a gentle non-intrusive and deeply relaxing treatment and takes place on a couch or futon on the floor. The session is confidential and individually tailored to your individual energy needs at the time.

Cost: £35 (1

* Please note your session may include shiatsu bodywork, bioenergy healing and flower remedy advice where this is felt to be appropriate to enhance your treatment.

For further information & bookings, call 07845 945041.

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