The traditional healing art of shiatsu originated in Japan and uses the power of touch to restore health and harmony to the body’s energy system.

A non-intrusive therapy, shiatsu is a form of bodywork that helps energy (also known as chi) to flow smoothly throughout the body in a continuous cycle via a network of energy sensitive channels known as meridians. There are Yin meridians and Yang meridians and it is the perfect balance of these two forces that determine the quality of our health.

Along these interconnecting channels are points (known as acupuncture or acupressure points) where energy flows closer to the body. These points are like doorways to our energy and are used to manipulate it. Unlike acupuncture shiatsu uses the meridian pathways as well as the points in order to achieve balance throughout.

If the meridians become blocked, excessive or depleted it results in a disharmony of the body that can result in a loss of vitality and eventually illness as our system struggles to correct its equilibrium. Not only does shiatsu relax the body on a deep level it smoothes out the irregularities that can lead to emotional and physical imbalances. This is felt on every level of our being, mind, body and spirit.

Many things in our daily life cause our energy to become out of balance: physical and emotional traumas, continued stress, bad posture and structural misalignments, the quality of our diet and exercise, the environment we live in and our exposure to toxins. How we react to life’s setbacks and disappointments also has a huge impact on our emotional energies.

Using a combination of touch, pressure, shaking and stretching shiatsu works on the internal energetic system balancing the body by tonifying the energy where it is weak (Yin) and dispersing energy that is stuck or excessive (Yang). The sensations experienced during a treatment session are different in every person and depends on the nature and location of the imbalances and individual constitution.

A bodywork session takes place fully clothed on a futon at floor level, or if it is difficult for a client to get onto the floor the treatment can be done on a couch. Each confidential session is personally tailored to your individual energy needs.

It relaxes body and the mind, eases aches, pains and stiffness, improves breathing, circulation and lymphatic flow and promotes the body’s self healing ability.

Shiatsu keeps the body healthy, flexible and in balance. We are capable of staying fit and flexible into old age - it is the quality of our energy that determines this. There is nothing that cannot be improved by balancing our energies and regular sessions can be a preventative to illness by correcting energy disturbances before they can become established in the body, keeping our mind and our body in perfect harmony.

Cost: £35 (1

Cost: £25 (45 mins)

* Please note your session may include shiatsu bodywork, bioenergy healing and flower remedy advice where this is felt to be appropriate to enhance your treatment.

For further information & bookings, call 07845 945041.

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