I would like to book a session, how do I do this?
Bookings can be made by calling 07845 945041. Email enquiries about bookings can also be made via the Contact Us page.

What days can I book sessions for?
Appointments are available on Mondays to Thursdays. Please contact Maureen for further details and to arrange appointments.

What is energy?
For a more detailed explanation, visit our page on the question

Do I need to do anything before / after treatments?
Details of what to expect during treatments and advice for pre and post-treatment can be found on the
Your Treatment page.

What is Maureen A Thwaites’ experience as an energy practitioner?
Maureen has been a professional practitioner since 2003. She trained with
Professor Steven Russell and is registered with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

Can I buy vouchers for sessions with Maureen as a gift?
Yes, you can buy vouchers to any value (minimum value £10) to cover the cost of an entire session or to put towards the cost of a session. The attractively designed vouchers can be sent or picked up from Maureen and further details can be obtained by calling 07845 945041.

I have a question / enquiry regarding Maureen's work not covered by the website.
If you have any enquiries, please contact Maureen on 07845 945041. Email enquiries can also be made via the Contact Us page.

“Sometimes just the touch of someone’s
hand in the right place is enough to trigger
the body’s self healing abilities. Such is the
power of touch. Together with intent it is
a powerful healing tool.”

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